Change Your Thinking

Bible Study
December 18, 2013
Dr. Steve Dennis

TITLE: Change Your Thinking


SCRIPTURE: All things are possible for him who believes. (Mark 9:23)

THOUGHT: Think "BIG" but start small.

ILLUSTRATION: When you train a horse to jump fences, you start them on the smaller fences and gradually work them up to the bigger fences.

QUESTION #1- What has been your biggest challenge in 2013? 
* Release your faith in believing that whatever your biggest challenge was in 2013 will be your smallest challenge in 2014.

QUESTION #2- What has been your biggest victory in 2013? (Breakthrough)

Take Aways:
* When you are held accountable for your actions it will make you do better.
* Your biggest challenge can also be your biggest victory. 
* Enter in relationships that are balanced.
* When people are being detrimental to your health it is time to cut them out of your life.                      
* Be able to say “NO” and not feel guilt
*In order to find your “HAPPY PLACE” and operate in it you must be able to say “NO”, REST, and TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, so   you can TAKE CARE OF OTHERS.
*Get in touch with your CREATIVE POWERS by: Thanking and Praising God, Quieting yourself through MEDITATION, LISTEN and   then RECEIVE.
*MEDITATION consist of God talking and you listening.

Conclusion: Meditation is very important to your growth.  When you meditate you cause yourself to go from being a consumer of other people's ideas to being a producer of your own ideas.

Pastor's comments

Dr. Steve Dennis: Meditating for 15 minutes is just like getting 8 hours of sleep. It relaxes you and helps to stimulate your spirit, soul, body, and creative powers.