Marriage...God's Way

We invite you to participate in Marriage God’s Way Ministry. Whether you are considering marriage, engaged, or currently married, we are sure to help you continue to nurture your healthy relationship.

We are not only sharing our personal growth and experiences, we are sharing the word of God and His example of love.

It is nearly impossible not to see the examples of successful and healthy love here at New and Living Way Bible Church. It flows directly from the pulpit. Our leaders, Pastors Steve and Faith Dennis have been married 27 years. The respect and honor of their bond is evident in their everyday life.

The coordinators for the ministry are Warren and Carman Gibson.  They have been married for 26 years and work together with an apparent goal of togetherness.  Herman and Vondell Ringer assist the Gibsons.

Ministers Ron and Marpassa Willis are teachers for the marriage ministry.  They have been married for 30 years. We want their success to become your success. They are available to guide and support you through the challenges and goals for your relationship.

“What is the secret that bonds us tight as a ministry?” The secret is God’s instruction, practical teaching and trust-worthy support. We offer this to you.  When you come, you will learn the importance of God in the success of your marriage.

It is the covenant between a man and woman, which involves faithfulness and commitment towards one another. Beyond the shiny rings and beautiful veil, it is essential to realize that you are united in Holy matrimony; you become a covenant keeper of your spouse.

Have you ever given much thought to the marvelous value of your love? It is absolutely empowering and beautiful. No matter where you consider your relationship or marriage, it can be strengthened with God’s help and your effort.

We whole-heartedly welcome you to an atmosphere of support, faith and encouragement. We are forever learners of God’s word, plan and purpose for our lives and relationships. We boldly stand on the principles of faithfulness, trust and above all, love. Come and experience life-changing principles from our family. Laugh, Love and Learn your way into a happy and healthy marriage and relationship.

The events calendar will have the dates and times of the meetings. Social events for the ministry are to be announced.