Has the Ministry Blessed You? If So, Shout it Out Loud!

If you have been blessed by the ministry of New and Living Way, write us, email us, or post a comment on this blog, and let us know. 


Posted by Bri Wright on November 21, 2013
This ministry has changed the way I view the world and myself. I am more conscious of what is going on around me and what comes out of my mouth. I am learning about how powerful the tongue is and how you are perceived through your actions. When the spirit of God is working on the inside of you, it's not hard to do the right thing and to live a blessed life.
Posted by Sharronda Thompson on June 22, 2013
NLWBC is a loving group of people. They embraced me, showed us love and covered us until we were ready to step into the family. I LOVE this church, Pastors Steve and Faith Dennis and it's members! May God bless you infinity +some!!
Posted by Kiristie Rodriguez on April 22, 2013
Where do I begin? I am just so ecstatic about yesterday's service. The men, "SPARK", set it all into motion with the powerful prayers and confessions. I would like to also thank God for my husband and his growth and with his growth comes more growth in our home as well. I needed confirmation on some situations and the praise team singing Moving Forward cane right on time and then for Pastor Steve to chime in by telling us the past is gone and all things were in front of us made it all clear. Those things that were in my rearview mirror are now a pillar of dust and everything in my windshield is my future and I just have to trust God and walk in it. I am MOVING FORWARD!
Posted by Jamie Major on April 22, 2013
Sunday's service was awesome. It was just for me and right on time. Walking into ther service, with prayer ministry already on point, charged the atmosphere for me. There was something about the service from that point on that made me want to lay it all down to HIM on yesterday. Shout out to the praise team!!! OMG! When Pastor Faith broke that song down about "another chance", I knew that that word was for me! And of course, Pastor Steve topped it off. After he had us to stand and power up with a partner, i will never forget what he said "I don't know who this if for, but WHAT GOD HAS FOR U, IT IS FOR U....after I gained my composure, I had confirmation from God. On today, I just got word, I AM A HOMEOWNER....again!!!!!! Yippie. Thanks Pastors Steve and Faith, Where would I be without New and Living Way Bible Church!!!!
Posted by Loranda Wilson on April 22, 2013
In Sunday's service, I got the answers I was needing.
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